Journal of Mechanical and Production Engineering (JMPE)
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Sl. No. Issue Date Vol - Issue Paper Id Title Abstract Author Page No
556 Jun-30 2017 4-1 JASRJUN20171

Changes and Trends in Arrival and Prices of Agricultural Commodities in APMC Kolhapur Market


H. P. Thakre et al.,

557 Jun-30 2017 4-1 JMCARJUN20171

Dynamics of Prey-Predator Model Withholling-Type II and Modified Leslie-Gower Schemes with Prey Refuge


Ahmed Buseri Ashine

558 Jun-30 2017 4-1 JASRJUN20172

The Influence of Characters Association on Behavior of Sugarcane Genotypes (Saccharum SPP) for Cane and Sugar Yield under Three Soil Types


Shitahun Alemu et al.,

559 Jun-30 2017 4-1 JASRJUN20173

Stability of Sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum L.) Genotypes for Sugar Yield Under Three Soil Types


Shitahun Alemu et al.,

560 Jun-30 2017 4-1 JASRJUN20174

Construction Scale to Measure Adoption of Beneficiary Farmers Towards Paddy Production Technology

Abstract Sumit Rajendra Salunkhe et al., 19-24
561 Jun-30 2017 4-1 JASRJUN20175

Effect of Processing on Beta-Carotene Content and Other Quality Attributes of Cassava Flakes (Gari) Produced from Yellow Cassava Varieties

Abstract Islamiyat Folashade Bolarinwa et al., 25-36
562 Jun-30 2017 4-1 JASRJUN20176

Field Efficacy of Insecticides for the Management of Brinjal Shoot and Fruit Borer, Leucinodes Orbonalis Guenee

Abstract Niranjana R F, Devi. M & Philip Sridhar. R 37-44
563 Jun-30 2017 6-1 JCMSJUN20171

The Role of Media for Sustainable Development through Financial and Science Journalism in India in the Last Decade: A Comparative Study

Abstract Ratul Datta & Tapati Basu 1-10
564 Jun-30 2017 6-1 JCMSJUN20172

A Sociological Study of Mass Media and its Role in Changing Public Opinion

Abstract Khizar Hayat Qamar et al., 11-16
565 Jun-30 2017 7-1 JELJUN20171

English Language-Teaching at the Crossroads


Dhanya Menon

566 Jun-30 2017 7-1 JEEEJUN20171

A Novel Approach to Wavelet-Based Fault Classification and Detection for a Transmission Line Using Artificial Neural Networks and Support Vector Machine


Sravan Kumar Kotha & M. Apparao

567 Jun-30 2017 7-1 JIERJUN20171

Smart Manufacturing in India


Disha Dinesh Sahni

568 Jun-30 2017 7-1 JBMRJUN20171

Orion Confectionary: A Way of Sustaining Success in China

Abstract Yona Kwon, 1-12
569 Jun-30 2017 7-1 JECRJUN20171

The Impact of Macroeconomic Factors on Credit Risk in the Albanian Banking System

Abstract Dorina Olldashi 1-8
570 Jun-30 2017 7-1 JELJUN20172

Traumatic Imagination in the Novel No One Writes To Colonel By Garcia Marquez

Abstract Gazi Tareq Muzamil 5-10