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Sl. No. Issue Date Vol - Issue Paper Id Title Abstract Author Page No
1 Jun-30 2017 1-1 TJPRC:IJMSNJUN20171

Knowledge on Prevention of Home Accidents Among Mothers of Toddler


Bhuvaneshwari et al.,

2 Jun-30 2017 1-1 TJPRC:IJMSNJUN20172

A Cross Sectional Study to Assess the Health Seeking Behaviours and Practices Regarding Menstrual Problems among Adolescent Girls Studying in Selected Tertiary College, Kelambakkam, Kanchipuram District


Rathiga. A et al.,

3 Jun-30 2017 1-1 TJPRC:IJMSNJUN20173

Assessment on Outcome of Three Positioning Protocols on Back Pain and Physiological Parameters among Patients Who had Undergone Cardiac Catheterization


K. Sudha Devi et al.,

4 Jun-30 2017 1-1 TJPRC:IJMSNJUN20174

Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Programme on Medication Reconciliation among New Nurses in Selected Hospital at Chennai


M. Kanimozhi et al.,

5 Jun-30 2017 1-1 TJPRC:IJMSNJUN20175

Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Programme on Knowledge Regarding Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome among Adolescent Girls in Selected School at Chennai


V. Vathana et al.,

6 Dec-31 2017 1-2 TJPRC:IJMSNDEC20171

A Study to Assess The Effectiveness of Structure Teaching Programme on Prevention of Coronary Artery Disease among Post Menopausal Women in a Selected Rural Area at Kanchipuram Dist, Tamil Nadu, India

Abstract Pushpakala. K. J et al., 1-6
7 Dec-31 2017 1-2 TJPRC:IJMSNDEC20172

A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Guided Imagery Therapy on the Level of Stress among the Wives of Alcoholics in a Selected Village

Abstract Kalavalli et al., 7-12
8 Dec-31 2017 1-2 TJPRC:IJMSNDEC20173

Descriptive Study to Assess the Stress and Coping among Chronic Renal Failure Patients

Abstract N. Jayasri et al., 13-16