TJPRC: International Journal of Earthquake Engineering and Geological Science (TJPRC: IJEEGS)
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Sl. No. Issue Date Vol - Issue Paper Id Title Abstract Author Page No
1 Jun-30 2017 1-1 TJPRC: IJEEGSJUN20171

Effective Evacuation Management and Mitigation Plan for Earthquake: A Case Study on Lalbagh Area of Dhaka City

Abstract Fatema Tuzzohora et al,. 1-16
2 Jun-30 2017 1-1 TJPRC: IJEEGSJUN20172

Identification of Responsible Source for Rise in Groundwater Table of Jodhpur City, Rajastan, India

Abstract G. S. Yadav et al,. 17-30
3 Jun-30 2017 1-1 TJPRC: IJEEGSJUN20173

Comparison between Seismic Analysis and Non-Seismic Analysis of G+17 Building using SAP2000

Abstract Vinay Mantha et al,. 31-36
4 Jun-30 2017 1-1 TJPRC: IJEEGSJUN20174


Abstract Gangadhara Rao Irlapati 37-42
5 Jun-30 2017 1-1 TJPRC: IJEEGSJUN20175

Mineralogy of Iron Ores of Ouenza Deposit, Algeria

Abstract Khoudour Djamel et al,. 43-52
6 Jun-30 2017 1-1 TJPRC: IJEEGSJUN20176

Petrology, Structural And Mineralogy of the Precambrian Rocks Around Okemesi-Ijero Area, Southwestern Nigeria

Abstract Olusiji Samuel Ayodele 53-78
7 Jun-30 2017 1-1 TJPRC: IJEEGSJUN20177

Seismic Properties and Autoregressive Conditional Heteroskedastic Characters of Earthquakes in Taiwan

Abstract Ko-Ming Ni 79-92
8 Dec-31 2017 1-2 TJPRC: IJEEGSDEC20171

A New Hypothetical Model Of Cosmology (Formerly Published as Irlapatism-Irlapati Theory of Universe)

Abstract Gangadhara Rao Irlapati 1-6
9 Dec-31 2017 1-2 TJPRC: IJEEGSDEC20172

Significance of Surface and Subsurface Lineaments for Groundwater Exploration in the Part of Vindhyan Fringe Belt of Mirzapur District, U. P., India

Abstract R. Kumar & G. S. Yadav 7-18
10 Dec-31 2017 1-2 TJPRC: IJEEGSDEC20173

Modelling of Buried Faults Using Applied Element Method

Abstract Mohammad Ahmed Hussain et al., 19-36