TJPRC:International Journal of Signal Processing Systems (TJPRC:IJSPS)
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Sl. No. Issue Date Vol - Issue Paper Id Title Abstract Author Page No
1 Jun-30 2017 1-1 TJPRC: IJSPSJUN20171

Harmonic Reduction In Two-Level and Three-Level VSC Using She-PWM and Ripple Repositioning Technique

Abstract V. Surya Manoj et al., 1-12
2 Jun-30 2017 1-1 TJPRC:IJSPSJUN20172

A Survey of the Applications of Multilateration in Civil Aviation

Abstract D. Eswara Chaitanya et al., 13-18
3 Jun-30 2017 1-1 TJPRC: IJSPSJUN20173

Comparitive Analysis of Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter with different Pwm Techniques

Abstract K.S.S.Prasad Raju et al., 19-26
4 Jun-30 2017 1-1 TJPRC: IJSPSJUN20174

Decoupled Active and Reactive Power Control for Large-Scale Grid-Connected PV Systems

Abstract R. Madhivadhana et al., 27-36
5 Jun-30 2017 1-1 TJPRC: IJSPSJUN20175

Prevention of Circulating Current in Paralleled Bidirectional Ac/Dc Converter

Abstract K. Esaivanan et al., 37-44
6 Dec-31 2017 1-2 TJPRC:IJSPSDEC20171

Analysis of GPS Satellite Observability Over the Indian Southern Region

Abstract Anu Sree P S et al., 1-14
7 Dec-31 2017 1-2 TJPRC:IJSPSDEC20172

Power Spectral Density Characteristics of L1C GPS Signal

Abstract Shaik Fayaz Ahamed et al., 15-22
8 Dec-31 2017 1-2 TJPRC: IJSPSDEC20173

Soft Computing Techniques for Detection and Diagnosis of Faults in Low Voltage Induction Motors - State of the Art

Abstract G. N. Surya et al., 23-34
9 Dec-31 2017 1-2 TJPRC: IJSPSDEC20174

Adaptable Control of Unidirectional AC-DC Boost Converters to Improve Grid Power Quality

Abstract M. Malathi et al., 35-42
10 Dec-31 2017 1-2 TJPRC: IJSPSDEC20175

A Hybrid System for Iris Recognition with High Accuracy

Abstract Akshay & Saurabh Sharma 43-50