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Sl. No. Issue Date Vol - Issue Paper Id Title Abstract Author Page No
1 Dec-31 2016 1-1 TJPRC:IJPNDEC20161

Effectiveness of Home Based Steam Inhalation Therapy on Reducing the Symptoms of Acute Upper Respiratory Tract Infections


Sheela Rani et al.,

2 Dec-31 2016 1-1 TJPRC:IJPNDEC20162

Knowledge Regarding ILL Effects of Junk Food among School Children


Tamilarasi. B et al.,

3 Dec-31 2016 1-1 TJPRC:IJPNDEC20163

Reducing Infant Immunization Injection Pain: Management Strategies


Kogila. P

4 Dec-31 2016 1-1 TJPRC:IJPNDEC20164

Pediatric Pulmonary Stenosis – A Case Report


Subbulakshmi. S et al.,

5 Dec-31 2016 1-1 TJPRC:IJPNDEC20165

A Descriptive Study to Assess the Level of Knowledge on Epilepsy in School Children among School Teachers at Government Boys and Girls Higher Secondary


Manjula T. R et al.,

6 Dec-31 2016 1-1 TJPRC:IJPNDEC20166

Effectiveness of IEC Package on Knowledge and Attitude on Child Survival and Safe Motherhood among Women in a Selected Rural Community


Amutha. T et al.,

7 Jun-30 2017 2-1 TJPRC:IJPNJUN20171

Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Programme on Knowledge Regarding Selected Adolescent Behavioral Problems and its Prevention among Students

Abstract R. Naganandini 1-8
8 Jun-30 2017 2-1 TJPRC:IJPNJUN20172

The Switch off tOPV to bOPV: Immunization Update for Staff and Student Nurses

Abstract Subbulakshmi.S et al,. 9-12
9 Jun-30 2017 2-1 TJPRC:IJPNJUN20173

“A Study to Assess the Psychological Well Being of Postnatal Mother in a Selected Hospital of Hyderabad with a View to Develop a Pamphlet”


Anumol Joseph et al.,

10 Jun-30 2017 2-1 TJPRC:IJPNJUN20174

A Descriptive Study to Assess the Level of Knowledge on Prevention of Dengue Fever among the Mothe of Under-Five Children in Selected Hospital, Kanchipuram District, Tamil Nadu, India

Abstract Kogila. P et al,. 21-24
11 Jun-30 2017 2-1 TJPRC:IJPNJUN20175

A Study to Assess the Stress and Coping Strategies of Mothers of Children Undergoing Hemodialysis in a Selected Hospital, Chennai

Abstract Parimaladevi et al,. 25-28
12 Jun-30 2017 2-1 TJPRC:IJPNJUN20176

Pediatric Nephrotic Syndrome – A Case Report

Abstract Kogila.P et al,. 29-36