International Journal of Accounting and Financial Management Research (IJAFMR)
  • ISSN(Print) : 2249-6882
  • ISSN(Online) : 2249-7994
  • Impact Factor(JCC) : 4.4251
  • NAAS Rating : ---
  • IBI Factor : 3.2
Sl. No. Issue Date Vol - Issue Paper Id Title Abstract Author Page No
1 Feb-28 2014 4-1 --- Women in Corporate Boards and Financial Reporting Credibility: Evidence from Nigeria Abstract

Yau Mohammed Damagum, Victor Chiedu Oba, Emmanuel Ib. Chima & Jide Ibikunle

2 Feb-28 2014 4-1 --- The Effect of Creative Accounting on Audit Failure: The Case of Manufacturing Companies Quoted on the Nigerian Stock Exchange Abstract

U. Modum, R. O. Ugwoke, E. O. Onyeanu, N. J. Modebe, S. N. Kodjo & L. C. Odoh

3 Feb-28 2014 4-1 --- Examination of the Impact of Book Entries on Creative Accounting Abstract

U. Modum, R.O. Ugwoke, E.O. Onyeanu, N.J. Modebe, C N. Ezuworie-Obodoekwe & L.C. Odoh

4 Apr-30 2014 4-2 IJAFMRAPR20141 Challenges of Self Help Group Members towards Income Generation Activity Abstract

S. Vasantha

5 Apr-30 2014 4-2 IJAFMRAPR20142 Usage of Information Technology to Enhance Professional Productivity among Accountants in Ekiti State Abstract

Adewoye, Jonathan Oyerinde & Olaoye Clement Olatunji

6 Apr-30 2014 4-2 IJAFMRAPR20143 Borrower Rating Related to Credit Risk in Commercial Banks Abstract

Meenakshi Chaturvedi

7 Jun-30 2014 4-3 IJAFMRJUN20141 Optimal Portfolio Construction of Pharmaceutical Companies-A Study on CNX Pharma Index Abstract

Saugat Das & Ankit Agarwal

8 Jun-30 2014 4-3 IJAFMRJUN20142 Best Financial Practices Lead Financial Performance of SMES Abstract

P. S. Vohra & J. S. Dhillon

9 Jun-30 2014 4-3 IJAFMRJUN20143 Assessing the Role of Internal Control System Components in Kenyan Public Universities: A Case Study of Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology Abstract

Ireri Kamau Samuel & Juma Wagoki

10 Jun-30 2014 4-3 IJAFMRJUN20144 Disclosing the Accounting Information in the Financial Statements of Joint Stock Companies in the Kingdom of Bahrain Abstract

Abdulqawi A. Hezabr

11 Jun-30 2014 4-3 IJAFMRJUN20145 Determinants of Accounting Practices Among Street Food Vendors Abstract

Laforteza, Jared James, Manalo, Gaudiose & Tan Joel

12 Jun-30 2014 4-3 IJAFMRJUN20146 Interrelation Between Capital Structure and Profitability of FMCG Companies of India Abstract

Gurmeet Singh H

13 Jun-30 2014 4-3 IJAFMRJUN201407 “The Economic Role of Small and Medium Enterprises in the Reduction of Unemployment and Inflation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia” Abstract

Mamoun Khalaf Halahleh

14 Aug-31 2014 4-4 IJAFMRAUG20141 The Role of Fair Value Standards in Making Decisions on Purchasing and Selling Assets in the Kingdom of Bahrain Abstract

Abdulqawi A. Hezabr

15 Aug-31 2014 4-4 IJAFMRAUG201402 Control of Cash Flow in the Economic Cycle: Mutual Settlement as a Mechanism for the Payment of Resources Abstract

A. Abdugafarov, Sh. S. Nasretdinova, F. A. Allayarov & N. M. Murodullayev