Journal of Industrial Engineering and Research (JIER)
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Sl. No. Issue Date Vol - Issue Paper Id Title Abstract Author Page No
646 Jun-30 2023 13–1 JETJUN20232

Investigation of the Physico-Chemical Properties and Composition of Surkhondarya Limestone and Clay Soils Necessary for the Production of Portland Cement

Abstract Aripova Mastura et al., 15–20
647 Jun-30 2023 13–1 JCSEWIERJUN20232

Reduction of Energy Consumption Through Modification of Disperse Systems in Pressure Pipes in the Process of Hydrotransport

Abstract Chorshanbiev Umar RavshanoʻGʻLi et al., 9–16
648 Jun-30 2023 13–1 JAuEJUN20232

Evaluating Wireless Encryption Algorithms for Devices with Restricted Computing Power

Abstract Ilkhom Rakhmatullaev Raxmatullaevich et al., 7–12
649 Jun-30 2023 13–1 JIERJUN20232

Some Features of the Modern Concept of the Internet of Things

Abstract Yusupbekov Nadirbek Rustambekovich et al., 7–12
650 Jun-30 2023 13–1 JCSEITRJUN20232

Homonymy Detection Using a Naïve Bayes Classifier

Abstract Elov Botir Boltaevich et al., 5–20
651 Jun-30 2023 13–1 JETJUN20233

Determination of Deformation of Historical Monuments and its Causes Using A 3d Laser Scanner

Abstract Mullodjanova Gulnoza Mukhiddinovna et al., 21–26
652 Jun-30 2023 13–1 JIERJUN20233

Assessment of the Impact of the Noise of Agricultural Machine-Tractor Units on the Operator

Abstract Kurbonov Shavkat Khurramovich et al., 13–18
653 Jun-30 2023 13–1 JETJUN20234

Simulation of Single Storey Brick Buildings and Testing with a Seismic Platform

Abstract Razzakov Sobirjon Juraevich et al., 27–36
654 Jun-30 2023 13–1 JETJUN20235

Complex-Modified Concrete with Fillers From Metallurgical Slag for the Production of Precated Reinforced Concrete by the Method Without Formulation

Abstract Anvar Ishanovich Adilkhodzhae et al., 37–42
655 Jun-30 2023 13–1 JETJUN20236

Primary Survey of Architectural Monuments in Central Asia Using a Terrestrial Laser Scanner

Abstract Mullodjanova Gulnoza Muxiddinovna et al., 43–48
656 Jun-30 2023 13–1 JETJUN20237

Groundwater Control in Mines

Abstract Djaksimuratov Karamatdin Mustapaevich et al., 49–54
657 Jun-30 2023 13–1 JETJUN20238

Methods For Determining The Inscriptions In Braille Texts

Abstract Akhatov Akmal Rustamovich et al., 55–60
658 Jun-30 2023 13–1 JETJUN20239

Quantitative Stability Analysis of Ecological Systems Under the Influence of External Factors

Abstract Odinazoda Safargul Atabek et al., 61–68
659 Jun-30 2023 13–1 JETJUN202310

Results of Research of Ground Compaction in Closed Horizontal Drainage Trench in Laboratory Conditions

Abstract R Vafoev 69–74
660 Jun-30 2023 13–1 JETJUN202311

The Method of Increasing the Performance Indicators of the Asphalt Concrete Mixture with the Addition of Mineral Powder Obtained from Shale Rocks, Taking into Account the Operational Conditions of the Asphalt Concrete Pavement

Abstract Sh. X. Buriyev et al., 75–86