International Journal of Biological Research and Development (IJBRD)
  • ISSN(Print) : 2250-0022
  • ISSN(Online) : Applied
  • Impact Factor(JCC) : 3.8649
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  • IBI Factor : 3.2
Sl. No. Issue Date Vol - Issue Paper Id Title Abstract Author Page No
9886 Jun-30 2019 9-3 IJHRMRJUN201913

Analysis of Emotional Intelligence of Bank Employees in Dehradun District: A Comparative Study of Private and Public Sector Banks

DOI : 10.24247/ ijhrmrjun201913
Abstract Swati Anand et al., 97-106
9887 Jun-30 2019 9-3 IJASRJUN201927

Effectiveness of Crop Doctor Mobile Application in Change of Knowledge on Plant Protection Among Farmers

DOI : 10.24247/ijasrjun201927
Abstract Janarthanan. R et al., 173-178
9888 Jun-30 2019 9-3 IJASRJUN201928

Entrepreneurial Behaviour of Coconut Growers of Coimbatore District

DOI : 10.24247/ijasrjun201928
Abstract Indumathi et al., 179-186
9889 Jun-30 2019 9-3 IJASRJUN201929

An Investigation on the Effect of Moisture Content, Crop Diameter and Cutting Speed on Cutting Force of Finger Millet Stem

DOI : 10.24247/ijasrjun201929
Abstract N. Nisha et al., 187-192
9890 Jun-30 2019 9-3 IJASRJUN201930

Standardisation of Suitable Super Absorbent Polymer Coating for Enhancing Seed Quality of Green Gram (Vigna Radiata L.)

DOI : 10.24247/ijasrjun201930
Abstract K. Suganya et al., 193-200
9891 Jun-30 2019 9-3 IJASRJUN201931

Tamarind Seed Gum as Adhesive for Pelleting in Tomato Cv. PKM1

DOI : 10.24247/ijasrjun201931
Abstract T. Surendhar et al., 201-208
9892 Jun-30 2019 9-3 IJMPERDJUN201978

Assessing the Solar-Ground Still Performance for Different Depths of Saline Water: An Experimental Study

DOI : 10.24247/ijmperdjun201978
Abstract Dr. M. Sakthivel et al., 705-712
9893 Jun-30 2019 9-3 IJASRJUN201932

Standardization of Soaking Treatments for Single Seeded Pods of Groundnut Cv. CO 2 for Enhancing Seed Quality

DOI : 10.24247/ijasrjun201932
Abstract A. Usha et al., 209-214
9894 Jun-30 2019 9-3 IJHRMRJUN201914

A Study on the Effectiveness of Performance Management System in BHEL, Tiruchirappalli

DOI : 10.24247/ijhrmrjun201914
Abstract Dr. S. Saminathanan et al., 107-116
9895 Jun-30 2019 9-3 IJCSEIERDJUN20194

Parametric Study On Polystyrene Sheet in Concrete

DOI : 10.24247/ijcseierdjun20194
Abstract Gandhi Dhrumil et al., 23-36
9896 Jun-30 2019 9-3 IJMPERDJUN201979

Optimization of Process Parameters in Hard Turning of Oil Hardened Non Shrinkable Steel using PVD Coated Ceramic Insert

DOI : 10.24247/ijmperdjun201979
Abstract Viswanathan Sivaraman et al., 713-720
9897 Jun-30 2019 9-3 IJMPERDJUN201980

An Analysis of VCR Engine using Watermelon Seed oil and n-Butanol as Fuel Additive

DOI : 10.24247/ ijmperdjun201980
Abstract G. Antony Casmir Jayaseelan et al., 721-728
9898 Jun-30 2019 9-3 IJMPERDJUN201981

An Experimental Analysis and Welding Parameter Optimization in Friction Stir Welding for Aluminum and Magnesium Alloy Materials

DOI : 10.24247/ijmperdjun201981
Abstract Amit H.Karwande et al., 729-736
9899 Jun-30 2019 9-3 IJCMSJUN201911

Change is Painful: Visibility and Tone of Political Communication in Social Media and its Impact on Change in Voting Preferences

DOI : 10.24247/ijcmsjun201911
Abstract Rakeshnaidu. G et al., 101-110
9900 Jun-30 2019 9-3 IJMPERDJUN201982

Improvements in Surface Finish of Inconel 625 Flat Surfaces using Multi-Pole Magnetic Tool

DOI : 10.24247/ijmperdjun201982
Abstract Harish Kumar et al., 737-744