International Journal of Political Science, Law and International Relations (IJPSLIR)
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  • ISSN(Online) : 2278-8840
  • Impact Factor(JCC) : 5.9727
  • NAAS Rating : 2.46
  • IBI Factor : 3.2
Sl. No. Issue Date Vol - Issue Paper Id Title Abstract Author Page No
14251 Dec-31 2022 12–2 IJHRMRDEC20224

Career Planning and Development among the Employees of A Pharmaceutical Industry, Hosur

Abstract Catherine Chisomo Banda 49– 54
14252 Dec-31 2022 12–2 IJEEFUSDEC20224

How Does the Percentage Increase of Methane in the Atmosphere Affect The Rate of Increase of The Surface Temperature of the Earth Keeping the Other Factors Constant?

Abstract Deepak Kumar Choudhary et al., 31–42
14253 Dec-31 2022 12–2 IJPSLIRDEC20224

Banking Ombudsman Scheme: A Critical Evaluation

Abstract Ambika Saksena 27–36
14254 Dec-31 2022 12–2 IJAFMRDEC20224

A Study on Investor’s Perception Towards Investment Fund in Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)

Abstract Dr. V. Venkatragavan et al., 41–46
14255 Dec-31 2022 12–2 IJHRDEC20224

A Perspective Study on Pilgrimage Places and People’s Livelihoodness of Ramanathapuram District, Tamil Nadu

Abstract Dr E. Dhiravidachelvi et al., 17–26
14256 Dec-31 2022 12–2 IJESRDEC20225

Trends in School Enrolment in India from 2013-2018: Govt. and Private

Abstract Khritish Swargiary et al., 27–36
14257 Dec-31 2022 12–2 IJEEERDEC20225

Design and Implementation of an IoT-Based Inverter Power Monitoring Module

Abstract Evin Poulose et al., 41–50
14258 Dec-31 2022 12–2 IJELDEC20225

Roles of Mother Figures in Charles Dickens’ Novel “David Copperfield”: A Pragmatic Analysis of Representative Speech Acts

Abstract Dr. Farah Abdul-Jabbar Al Manaseer et al., 23– 34
14259 Dec-31 2022 12–2 IJMPSDEC20225

Different Stimuli Responsive Polymer Used For Developing In -Situ Gelling System For Nasal Route Drug Delivery System

Abstract Khatri Upasana et al., 31–46
14260 Dec-31 2022 12–2 IJASRDEC20225

Quality Evaluation of Ready-to-Eat Cashew Nut Curry Under Frozen Storage

Abstract Amali Rajapaksh et al., 31–40
14261 Dec-31 2022 12–2 IJEEFUSDEC20225

Huge Flocks of Common Crane(Grus Grus) Sighted near Mulasana Village, Gujarat

Abstract Nikita Patel 43–46
14262 Dec-31 2022 12–2 IJTFTDEC20225

Herbal Antimicrobial Finishing of Cotton and Khadi Fabric Using Moringa (Moringa Оleiferа) Leaves Extract

Abstract Komal Dwivedi et al., 45–54
14263 Dec-31 2022 12–2 IJBMRDEC20225

Leadership Qualities Leading to Innovation in SME Sector in UAE

Abstract Dr. Abdulquddus Mohammed 47–60
14264 Dec-31 2022 12–2 IJHRMRDEC20225

A Study on Holacracy and it’s Feasibility among Shop Floor Employees

Abstract Dr. V. Venkatragavan et al., 55–60
14265 Dec-31 2022 12–2 IJAFMRDEC20225

A Study on Financial Performance Analysis of Credit Company with Reference to Chennai

Abstract D. Jaichitra et al., 47–52