International Journal of Agricultural Science and Research (IJASR)
  • ISSN(Print) : 2250-0057
  • ISSN(Online) : 2321-0087
  • Impact Factor(JCC) : 9.1583
  • NAAS Rating : 4.13
  • IBI Factor : 3.2
Sl. No. Issue Date Vol - Issue Paper Id Title Abstract Author Page No
14161 Dec-31 2022 12–2 IJECRDEC20221

Cybercash in India and its Different Aspects

Abstract Jyoti Rana 1–4
14162 Dec-31 2022 12–2 IJELDEC20221

Decolonising Feminism with Special Reference to the Panchkanya from Hindu Mythology

Abstract Dr Amita Anand Dubey 1– 6
14163 Dec-31 2022 12–2 IJTFTDEC20221

Using Origami Art in Fashion Design to Produce Visual Kinetic to Body

Abstract Samiha M. Abo El-Ola et al., 1–16
14164 Dec-31 2022 12–2 IJBTRDEC20221

Identification of New Potential Drugs for Lung Adenocarcinoma Causing Protein RMB10 Using Computer-Aided Drug Design Approach

Abstract Navjot Kaur Virk et al., 1–8
14165 Dec-31 2022 12–2 IJFSTDEC20221

Optimisation, Morphological Profile and Anti-Oxidant Propertiesof Rawbanana Flour

Abstract Deepali Singh et al., 1–10
14166 Dec-31 2022 12–2 IJASRDEC20221

Utilization of Silk Industry Waste Silkworm Pupae for Extraction of Omega 3 Fatty Acid Through Super Critical Fluid Extraction (SCFE) Technique in Pilot Scale Production Facility for Value Added Products

Abstract Srinivas B. V et al., 1–8
14167 Dec-31 2022 12–2 IJMPSDEC20221

Management of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome – A Case Study

Abstract Dr. Seetha Devi P et al., 1– 4
14168 Dec-31 2022 12–2 IJCSEITRDEC202201

Calculation of Geometric Dimensions and Hydrodynamic Characteristics of Venturi Pipes of a Self-Draining Solar Circuit

Abstract Ma’murjon Muxtorovich Ismailov et al., 1–8
14169 Dec-31 2022 12–2 IJAUERDDEC20221

Textile Engineered Mobile Tech

Abstract Anitha .B 1–8
14170 Dec-31 2022 12–2 IJZRDEC20221

“A Brief Review of Therapeutic Uses of Insulin Plant, Costus Igneus”

Abstract M. S. Wagh et al., 1–8
14171 Dec-31 2022 12–2 IJHRMRDEC20221

Exploring the Linkages Between Repatriation and Career Advancement

Abstract Dr. Muniza Aftab et al., 1-18
14172 Dec-31 2022 12–2 IJAPBCRDEC20221

A Comparative Study on the Influence of Current Density on Growth Kinetics of Anodic Oxide Films Formed on Zr-4 in Few Selected Electrolytes

Abstract Viplav Duth Shukla et al., 1–10
14173 Dec-31 2022 12–2 IJCMSDEC20221

The Economic Effects of the Declaration and its Relationship to the Budget of the State's Economic System

Abstract Dr. Maha Mustafa Omer Abdalaziz 1–10
14174 Dec-31 2022 12–2 IJEEFUSDEC20221

Relationship of Hardiness on Quality of Life of Middle Aged Group

Abstract Maria Therese Emmanuel et al., 1–12
14175 Dec-31 2022 12–2 IJBMRDEC20221

Consumers’ Preference to Purchase Insecticide on Chilli Crop in Kaushambi District of Uttar Pradesh

Abstract Nayan Talukdar et al., 1–6