International Journal of Mathematics and Computer Applications Research (IJMCAR)
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  • ISSN(Online) : 2249-8060
  • Impact Factor(JCC) : 6.9195
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  • IBI Factor : 3.2
Sl. No. Issue Date Vol - Issue Paper Id Title Abstract Author Page No
10846 Apr-30 2020 10–2 IJMPERDAPR202029

Influence of Nickel & Manganese Particles on Copper Metal Matrix Composite for Heat Exchanger Tubes

DOI : 10.24247/ijmperdapr202029
Abstract E. Jamuna et al., 325–334
10847 Apr-30 2020 10–2 IJMPERDAPR202030

Assessment of Casting Binding Materials Based on Modified Technical Lignosulfonates

DOI : 10.24247/ijmperdapr202030
Abstract Falah Mustafa Al- Saraireh et al., 335–346
10848 Apr-30 2020 10–2 IJMPERDAPR202031

Modal and Structural Analysis of Polymer Composite Vawt Savonius Blade using ANSYS Workbench

DOI : 10.24247/ijmperdapr202031
Abstract M. Saravanan 347–356
10849 Apr-30 2020 10–2 IJMPERDAPR202032

Analysis of the Thermal Behavior in the Goldwind S50/750 Wind Turbines Installed in the Wind Farm Gibara II using CAD-CAE Tools

DOI : 10.24247/ijmperdapr202032
Abstract Yorley Arbella Feliciano et al., 357–368
10850 Apr-30 2020 10–2 IJMPERDAPR202033

Pressure Vessel Reinforcement Pad Design by Finite Element Analysis

DOI : 10.24247/ijmperdapr202033
Abstract Al Emran Ismail et al., 369–376
10851 Apr-30 2020 10–2 IJMPERDAPR202034

Effect of Variable Adiabatic Length on a Heat Pipe Performance

DOI : 10.24247/ijmperdapr202034
Abstract Raqeeb Hummadi Rajab 377–384
10852 Apr-30 2020 10–2 IJMPERDAPR202035

Combined Impact of Internal Heating and Variable Viscosity on the Onset of Benard-Marangoni Double Diffusive Convection in a Binary Fluid Layer

DOI : 10.24247/ijmperdapr202035
Abstract Chaya. T. Y & Gangadharaiah. Y. H. 385-396
10853 Apr-30 2020 10–2 IJMPERDAPR202036

Synthesis of Ceramic Composite Material by Powder Metallurgy and Optimize Process Parameters in Regression Method in Machining Micro Abrasive Air Jet Erosion Tester

DOI : 10.24247/ijmperdapr202036
Abstract B. Anjaneyulu et al., 397–410
10854 Apr-30 2020 10–2 IJMPERDAPR202037

Microstructure and Dry Sliding Wear Behaviour of Lm6 Alloy Solidified Under the Influence of Low Frequency Mold Vibration

DOI : 10.24247/ijmperdapr202037
Abstract Vardhaman S. Mudakappanavar & H. M. Nanjundaswamy 411–420
10855 Apr-30 2020 10–2 IJMPERDAPR202038

Micro-Structural Evolution Analysis and Assessment of Tribological Behaviour of Nickel Alloy Reinforced with Sio2 and Al2o3 Hybrid Metal Matrix Composites

DOI : 10.24247/ijmperdapr202038
Abstract Vidyasagar Shetty et al., 421–430
10856 Apr-30 2020 10–2 IJMPERDAPR202039

Numerical Analysis of Hail Ice Material Model Under Variable Velocity Impact

DOI : 10.24247/ijmperdapr202039
Abstract Libin. T, 431-442
10857 Apr-30 2020 10–2 IJMPERDAPR202040

Comparative Study of the Effect of Imidazole and Triethylentetramine on the Corrosion Behavior of API-5L-X65 Steel in 1M HCl Environment

DOI : 10.24247/ijmperdapr202040
Abstract Shittu, S. A. et al., 443–452
10858 Apr-30 2020 10–2 IJMPERDAPR202041

Development and Characterization of Aluminum 2214 Alloy with using Reinforcement of Silicon Carbide

DOI : 10.24247/ijmperdapr202041
Abstract Manjunath K et al., 453–468
10859 Apr-30 2020 10–2 IJMPERDAPR202042

Dynamics of Deployment Mechanism for 1 Meter Resolution Space Telescope

DOI : 10.24247/ijmperdapr202042
Abstract R. D. Sandhanshiv et al., 469–480
10860 Apr-30 2020 10–2 IJMPERDAPR202043

Design and Development of Deployment Mechanism for 1 Meter Resolution Space Telescope

DOI : 10.24247/ijmperdapr202043
Abstract R. D. Sandhanshiv et al., 481–494