International Journal of Applied, Physical and Bio-Chemistry Research (IJAPBCR)
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  • ISSN(Online) : 2319-4448
  • Impact Factor(JCC) : 5.7407
  • NAAS Rating : 3.26
  • IBI Factor : 3.2
Sl. No. Issue Date Vol - Issue Paper Id Title Abstract Author Page No
46 Dec-31 2021 11–2 IJAPBCRDEC20211

“Studies on the Conducting Polymer of 8 – Hydroxy Quinoline”

DOI : 10.24247/ ijapbcrdec20211
Abstract Y. F. Khobragade 1-12
47 Dec-31 2021 11–2 IJAPBCRDEC20212

Synthesis of Flame Retardant Dye and its Application on Silk Fabric

DOI : 10.24247/ijapbcrdec20212
Abstract Keval Nayal 13–28
48 Dec-31 2021 11–2 IJAPBCRDEC20213

A Study on Electrophoresis Analysis of Acid Phosphatase Isozymes During Different Developmental Stages of Kalimpong-A (Ka), New Bivoltine-18 (Nb18), and Pure Mysore (Pm) Lines of Bombyx Mori L

DOI : 10.24247/ijapbcrdec20213
Abstract Manjula A. C et al., 29–42
49 Dec-31 2021 11–2 IJAPBCRDEC20214

Impact Of Various Combinations of Micronutrients on the Chemical Composition of Seeds of Three Cultivars of Cicer Arietinum L.

DOI : 10.24247/ijapbcrdec20214
Abstract Shachi Sharma et al., 43–46
50 Dec-31 2021 11–2 IJAPBCRDEC20215

Assay of Alpha and Beta Esterase Isozymes during Different Developmental Stages of New Breeding Lines and Races of Bombyx Mori L

DOI : 10.24247/ ijapbcrdec20215
Abstract Manjula A.C et al., 47–56
51 Dec-31 2021 11–2 IJAPBCRDEC20216

Preparation and Structure Characterization of Phenolic Polymer by TGA Method

DOI : 10.24247/ijapbcrdec20216
Abstract Khobragade Y F 57–64
52 Jun-30 2022 12–1 IJAPBCRJUN20221

Environmental Study to Solid Wastes Quantities Collected from Domestic Region of Kerbalacity Centre

Abstract Sawsan Samir Hadi 1–8
53 Dec-31 2022 12–2 IJAPBCRDEC20221

A Comparative Study on the Influence of Current Density on Growth Kinetics of Anodic Oxide Films Formed on Zr-4 in Few Selected Electrolytes

Abstract Viplav Duth Shukla et al., 1–10
54 Dec-31 2022 12–2 IJAPBCRDEC20222

The Effect of Incubation Time on Bioethanol Production from Some Food Peel Wastes

Abstract I. C. Onuguh et al., 11–16