International Journal of English and Literature (IJEL)
  • ISSN(Print) : 2249-6912
  • ISSN(Online) : 2249-8028
  • Impact Factor(JCC) : 8.4267
  • NAAS Rating : 3.12
  • IBI Factor : 3.2
Sl. No. Issue Date Vol - Issue Paper Id Title Abstract Author Page No
14266 Dec-31 2022 12–2 IJESRDEC20226

The Importance of Functional English in Teaching of Higher Training Colleges Students

Abstract Khaled M. Alnebari et al., 37–46
14267 Dec-31 2022 12–2 IJELDEC20226

Literature is the Connecting Link between Art and Lyric

Abstract Dr. Devender Singh et al., 35–40
14268 Dec-31 2022 12–2 IJMPSDEC20226

Impact of Nutrition Education on Anthropometric, Nutritional, Glycemic Clinical Status, and KAP Scores in Selected Type 2 Diabetes

Abstract Thenmozhi Palanisamy et al., 47–54
14269 Dec-31 2022 12–2 IJEEERDEC20226

Torque Control in Machine Side Converter of Doubly Fed Induction Generator based WECS

Abstract Niya Tojo et al., 51–66
14270 Dec-31 2022 12–2 IJASRDEC20226

Biochemical and Antioxidant Enzyme Responses of Sorghum Genotypes Under Drought Stress

Abstract Tilak et al., 41–58
14271 Dec-31 2022 12–2 IJEEFUSDEC20226

A Historical Analysis of the Effects of Endosulfan on the Environment and Health Hazards in Kasaragod District of Kerala

Abstract Manesh Varghese John 47–54
14272 Dec-31 2022 12–2 IJHRMRDEC20226

A Study on Work Life Balance of Women Employees with Reference to Indian Overseas Bank

Abstract D. Jaichitra et al., 61–66
14273 Dec-31 2022 12–2 IJAFMRDEC20226

A Study on Investors Perception Towards Systematic Investment Plan (Sip)

Abstract Venkatesh .P et al., 53–58
14274 Dec-31 2022 12–2 IJTFTDEC20226

Warli Painting: The Impression of Tribal Art

Abstract Dr. Vandana B Wankhede 55–60
14275 Dec-31 2022 12–2 IJELDEC20227

Globalization and National Identity Conservation in the Literary Works of the Saudi Thinker Ghazi Al-Gosaibi

Abstract Fatima Ali Al-Khamisi 41–50
14276 Dec-31 2022 12–2 IJESRDEC20227

Holistic, Integrated, Enjoyable and Experiential Learning

Abstract A. Ramakrishna 47–54
14277 Dec-31 2022 12–2 IJASRDEC20227

Integrated Farming System; Current Status, Scope and Potential Prototypes for Different Agro-Eco Systems of India

Abstract P.K. Singh et al., 59–76
14278 Dec-31 2022 12–2 IJHRMRDEC20227

A Study On Work Life Balance Among It Employees

Abstract D. Jaichitra et al., 67–72
14279 Dec-31 2022 12–2 IJAFMRDEC20227

A Study on Effectiveness of Working Capital Management Pre and Post Covid

Abstract Venkatesh .P et al., 59–66
14280 Dec-31 2022 12–2 IJMPSDEC20227

Dentinogenesis Imperfecta - A Familial Inheritance Across Two Generations: A Case Series

Abstract Ezhil Bharathi I et al., 55–62