International Journal of Retail Management and Research (IJRMR)
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  • ISSN(Online) : 2319-4502
  • Impact Factor(JCC) : 3.5093
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  • IBI Factor : 3.2
Sl. No. Issue Date Vol - Issue Paper Id Title Abstract Author Page No
11506 Jun-30 2020 10–3 IJMPERDJUN2020368

Energy and Exergy Analysis of a 3500 MW Coal Fired Thermal Power Plant using Cycle-Tempo

DOI : 10.24247/ijmperdjun2020368
Abstract Vishnu Rajeev et al., 3861–3870
11507 Jun-30 2020 10–3 IJMPERDJUN2020369

Sustainability as a Predominant Futuristic Approach of the Product Design

DOI : 10.24247/ijmperdjun2020369
Abstract Prof Dr. Tarek Ismail Mohamed 3871–3880
11508 Jun-30 2020 10–3 IJMPERDJUN2020370

Design and Optimization of Innovative Fixture and Gauge for a Landing Gear Stator

DOI : 10.24247/ijmperdjun2020370
Abstract Aruna Kumara P C et al., 3881-3886
11509 Jun-30 2020 10–3 IJMPERDJUN2020371

Experimental Study of Concrete Prepared by the Addition of Human Hair and Coconut Fiber

DOI : 10.24247/ijmperdjun2020371
Abstract Dipshi Kapoor et al., 3887–3896
11510 Jun-30 2020 10–3 IJMPERDJUN2020372

Roles of Shadow Banking, P2P Lending and Solutions for Usury to Reduce Urban-Rural Discrepancies for Vietnam Social Economic Development in Integration ERA

DOI : 10.24247/ijmperdjun2020372
Abstract Dinh Tran Ngoc Huy et al., 3897-3912
11511 Jun-30 2020 10–3 IJMPERDJUN2020373

Risk Management and IT Management in Viet Nam Electric Power Industry During and After the Global Crisis 2007-2009

DOI : 10.24247/ijmperdjun2020373
Abstract Ngo Duc Tien et al., 3913-3926
11512 Jun-30 2020 10–3 IJMPERDJUN2020374

Evaluating Impacts of a Six Factor Model on Dic Stock Price: A Case in Trading Sector in Vietnam And Factors Affecting Disclosure of Accounting Information

DOI : 10.24247/ijmperdjun2020374
Abstract Vu Xuan Thuy et al., 3927-3940
11513 Jun-30 2020 10–3 IJMPERDJUN2020375

Mach Number of A Shock Wave: Effect of Vacuum Pressure and Diaphragm Thickness

DOI : 10.24247/ijmperdjun2020375
Abstract Ananya Kapoor et al., 3941-3950
11514 Jun-30 2020 10–3 IJMPERDJUN2020376

Fea Analysis of Refrigerator Compartment for Optimizing Thermal Efficiency

DOI : 10.24247/ijmperdjun2020376
Abstract Anubhav Kumar Anup et al., 3951-3972
11515 Jun-30 2020 10–3 IJMPERDJUN2020377

Influence of Tool Rotational Speed on Microstructure, Mechanical Properties and Corrosion Behaviour of Friction Stir Welded Aa 7068-T6 Aluminium Alloy

DOI : 10.24247/ijmperdjun2020377
Abstract Bindu M. D et al., 3973-3982
11516 Jun-30 2020 10–3 IJMPERDJUN2020378

Modelling of Submerged Optical Remote Correspondences with Low Losses

DOI : 10.24247/ijmperdjun2020378
Abstract Balaji K et al., 3983–3998
11517 Jun-30 2020 10–3 IJMPERDJUN2020379

Optimization and Comparative Study of the Turning Parameters of DCT Tool in the Machining of Commercial Steel

DOI : 10.24247/ijmperdjun2020379
Abstract S.V. Satya Prasad et al., 3999–4012
11518 Jun-30 2020 10–3 IJMPERDJUN2020380

Application of LIBQUAL+TM Model to Evaluate Library Service Quality at Maharshi Dayanand University and Pandit Bhagwat Dayal Sharma Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences, Rohtak, Haryana

DOI : 10.24247/ ijmperdjun2020380
Abstract Mithu Dey et al., 4013–4026
11519 Jun-30 2020 10–3 IJMPERDJUN2020381

Experimental Stress Analysis of Rocket Motor Casing using Elasto-Plastic Strain Theory

DOI : 10.24247/ijmperdjun2020381
Abstract Dr. G. Laxmaiah et al., 4027–4038
11520 Jun-30 2020 10–3 IJMPERDJUN2020382

Fresh Fruit Bunch Quality Effects for Oil Loss and Crude Palm Oil Production with Sem Pls Analysis Method

DOI : 10.24247/ijmperdjun2020382
Abstract Syufrianto et al., 4039–4044