Journal of Physics and Research (JPR)
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Sl. No. Issue Date Vol - Issue Paper Id Title Abstract Author Page No
616 Dec-31 2022 12–2 JCSEITRDEC20227

The Importance of Digital Technologies in Land Monitoring

Abstract Rukhiddin A. Turaev 47– 52
617 Dec-31 2022 12–2 JETDEC20227

Stress-Strain State of A Prefabricated Monolithicreinforced Concrete Frame of A Multi-Storey Building

Abstract Usmanov V.F. et al., 45–52
618 Dec-31 2022 12–2 JCSEITRDEC20228

Analysis of Foreign Experiences in Transport and Logistic System Cooperation

Abstract Mustanov Odilbek Ganisherovich 53– 58
619 Dec-31 2022 12–2 JETDEC20228

Features of Processing Silicon Carbide and Lanthanum Chromite Heaters on a Solar Furnace

Abstract L. S. Suvonova 53–58
620 Dec-31 2022 12–2 JETDEC20229

Improving Road Safety Using Intelligent Transportation Systems on Mountain Roads

Abstract E Fayzullaev et al., 59–66
621 Dec-31 2022 12–2 JCSEITRDEC20229

Determination of the Strength of a Module Breaker Circle in the Solid Works Software

Abstract Sarimsakov Olimjon Sharipjanovich et al., 59–64
622 Dec-31 2022 12–2 JETDEC202210

The Method of Evaluating the Reliability of Power Transformers Through Symmetry

Abstract Tuychiyev Zz et al., 67–76
623 Dec-31 2022 12–2 JCSEITRDEC202210

Research and Design Structure and Formal Model of Information System for Managing Educational System and E-Content Design Based on Elements of Artificial Intelligence

Abstract Sultanov Ruslan Rustamovich 65–78
624 Dec-31 2022 12–2 JETDEC202211

Outlook for Global Road Safety and Improving Road Safety using Intelligent Transportation Systems on Roads

Abstract Chariev K. Sh 77-86
625 Dec-31 2022 12–2 JCSEITRDEC202211

Research and Development the Algorithm of E-Content Generation with using Genetics Algorithms and Graph Theory

Abstract Sultanov Ruslan Rustamovich 79–90
626 Dec-31 2022 12–2 JETDEC202212

Effective Organization of Maneuvering Operations for Continuous Provision of Wagons Based on the Development of the Location of the Access Road

Abstract Khusenov Utkir et al., 87–100
627 Dec-31 2022 12–2 JETDEC202213

Numerical Study of the Influence of dry-hot Climate on the Stress-Strain State of the Elements of a Brick Multi-Storey Building

Abstract Sanaeva Nargiza Paizullaevna 101–106
628 Dec-31 2022 12–2 JETDEC202214

Investigation of Asymmetry in Asynchronous Motor Used in a Borehole Pump

Abstract A. E. Norboev 107– 114
629 Dec-31 2022 12–2 JETDEC202215

Vibration Determination of Dynamic Viscosity of Power Transformer Oil

Abstract Kodirov Husankhon Munavvarkhon Ugli et al., 115–120
630 Dec-31 2022 12–2 JETDEC202216

Distribution of Isolated Singular Points of a Special Type System in Three-Dimensional Space

Abstract Khusanov B et al., 121–128