International Journal of Sales & Marketing Management Research and Development (IJSMMRD)
  • ISSN(Print) : 2249-6939
  • ISSN(Online) : 2249-8044
  • Impact Factor(JCC) : 9.1584
  • NAAS Rating : 3.37
  • IBI Factor : 3.2
Sl. No. Issue Date Vol - Issue Paper Id Title Abstract Author Page No
14116 Jun-30 2022 12–1 IJBMRJUN20229

Impacts of Employee-Oriented Supervision, Group Cohesiveness and Pay Inequity on Performance: An Empirical Study

Abstract Dr. Mohd. Shariful Islam 83–92
14117 Jun-30 2022 12–1 IJECRJUN20229

An Empirical Evidence of Clustered Earnings Management and Dependence on Governance Factors in Select Listed Firms in India

Abstract Dr. Somnath Banerjee et al., 61–70
14118 Jun-30 2022 12–1 IJCSEIERDJUN20229

Ferrocement Produced with Polymer Modified Silica Fume Concrete

Abstract Akshata A. Mulgund et al., 69–74
14119 Jun-30 2022 12–1 IJESRJUN202210

Students’ Perception on Face-to-Face and Online Mathematics Learning

Abstract Marichou L. Carreon et al., 95–106
14120 Jun-30 2022 12–1 IJASRJUN202210

Indian Soybean: The Wondercrop

Abstract Dr. Jolly Masih et al., 97–108
14121 Jun-30 2022 12–1 IJHRJUN202210

Pharmaceutical Industry in India: Historical Perspectives, Recent Issues and Future Trends

Abstract Malika Basu (Ghosh) 77–88
14122 Jun-30 2022 12–1 IJCSEITRJUN202210

Data Retrieval System for Flower Crop Cultivation

Abstract Reena Rosy Thomas 89–92
14123 Jun-30 2022 12–1 IJELJUN202210

Phonetic Interference of Native Language in the General American English Utterances of Filipino Learners

Abstract Marcelina S. Deiparine 85–92
14124 Jun-30 2022 12–1 IJESRJUN202211

Effects of Microlearning on Developing Student’s Math Skills with Taking into Account Psychological Aspects

Abstract Meshael Khaled Abushaibah 107–120
14125 Jun-30 2022 12–1 IJASRJUN202211

Adoption of Improved Cultivation Practices on Tomato in East Khasi Hills District, Meghalaya, India

Abstract Ibadaieitshisha Lyngdoh Nongbri et al., 109–114
14126 Jun-30 2022 12–1 IJCSEITRJUN202211

Question Bank Management System using Artificial Intelligence (Ai)

Abstract Sangeeta Singh et al., 93–102
14127 Jun-30 2022 12–1 IJELJUN202211

Cultural Disparity in Jhumpa Lahiri’s “The Namesake”

Abstract Dr. Parultyagi et al., 93–96
14128 Jun-30 2022 12–1 IJHRJUN202211

A Review of Megalithic Sites in Nila (Bharathapuzha) River Basin, Central Kerala

Abstract Ramya Cp et al., 89–98
14129 Jun-30 2022 12–1 IJESRJUN202212

School Supervisors’ Feedback on the Performance of Teacher Education Graduates of Cebu Technological University

Abstract Suzette T. Elladora et al., 121–132
14130 Jun-30 2022 12–1 IJASRJUN202212

Assessment of Zinc Content in Different Genotypes of Super Elite Rice of Varying Levels of Polishing Grown Under Contrasting Water Regime

Abstract Kavya Hp et al., 115–124