International Journal of Food Science & Technology (IJFST)
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Sl. No. Issue Date Vol - Issue Paper Id Title Abstract Author Page No
31 Oct-31 2017 7-3 IJFSTOCT20171

Influence of Packaging and Storage Temperatures on the Postharvest Physico-Chemical Parameters of Arils of Pomegranate Cv. Ganesh

Abstract K. Venkataramudu, 1-8
32 Oct-31 2017 7-3 IJFSTOCT20172

Studies on Effect of Different Packaging Material and Storage Temperatures on Post-Harvest Shelf Life and Quality of Arils of Pomegranate Cv. Bhagwa

Abstract Venkataramudu. K et al., 9-18
33 Oct-31 2017 7-3 IJFSTOCT20173

A Study on Development of Products using Nutrigenomics Premix Powder and Its Sensory Evaluation

Abstract Ruchi Yadav & Sunita Mishra 19-28
34 Dec-31 2017 7-4 IJFSTDEC20171

Study of Food Parameter and Pattern of Activity of Mabuya Multifasciata Fitzinger in Assam

Abstract Moushumi Hazarika & D.K. Sharma 1-4
35 Dec-31 2017 7-4 IJFSTDEC20172

Impact of Apple Cider Vinegar on Different Biomarkers For Reducing Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Condition

Abstract Singh Akanksha et al., 5-10
36 Dec-31 2017 7-4 IJFSTDEC20173

Rusip: An Authentic Fish Fermented Product From Bangka Belitung Island, Indonesia

Abstract Michelle Tamara Putri et al., 11-16
37 Dec-31 2018 8-1 IJFSTDEC20181

Response Surface Methodology and its Application in Optimization Process of Juice Clarification: A Review

Abstract Gauravkumar M. Kunkulol et al., 1-10
38 Jun-30 2019 9-1 IJFSTJUN20191

The Drying Characteristics and Quality Evaluation of Tray Dried Custard Apple (Annona Squamosa L.)Pulp

Abstract Arpit Shrivastava et al., 1-12