Journal of Computer Networking, Wireless and Mobile Communications (JCNWMC)
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Sl. No. Issue Date Vol - Issue Paper Id Title Abstract Author Page No
571 Jun-30 2017 7-1 JBMRJUN20172

“An Empirical Study to See the Relationship between 5 Modes of Competence and Administrative Teams with OERB Orientation”

Abstract Urvesh Chaudhery & Neeti Rana 13-20
572 Jun-30 2017 7-1 JELJUN20173

Deconstruction as a Tool to Enhance the Cognitive Skills of Tertiary Level Learners

Abstract M. Arun Kumar 11-16
573 Jun-30 2017 7-1 JELJUN20174

EFL College Students’ Phonological Problems: A Case of Error Analysis

Abstract Yousreya Ahmed Ali 17-28
574 Jun-30 2017 7-1 JELJUN20175

“The Alive Being”: De-Rationalizing Environment in Bibhutibhusan Bannejee’s “Aronnak” and Amitava Ghosh’s “the Hungry Tide”

Abstract Reeswav Chatterjee 29-38
575 Aug-31 2017 4-2 JASRAUG20171

Assessment of Training Needs of Academic Staff Members

Abstract Umesh R. Chinchmalatpure 1-10
576 Aug-31 2017 7-4 IJBMRAUG20175

A Comparative Study of Customer Satisfaction on E-Banking Products in Addis Ababa and Trivandrum

Abstract Essayas Taye Lemma et al., 53-60
577 Dec-31 2017 2-2 TJPRC: JHRDEC20171

Sexuality Landscape of Modern Kerala: A Discourse on Male Social Gathering among Malabar Muslim Men

Abstract Sulaiman Tk 9-16
578 Dec-31 2017 3-1 JAFMRDEC20171

A Comparative Study on Dividend Policy of Selected Banks in India

Abstract Ch. Balaji, 1-12
579 Dec-31 2017 3-1 TJPRC:JMPSDEC20171

Computerized Design of Transfemoral Sockets a Literature Review

Abstract Abulabadeh. T, 1-8
580 Dec-31 2017 3-2 JEEFUSDEC20171

Evaluation of Fitness Between School Furniture and Student Body Size

Abstract Promila Dahiya et al., 1-8
581 Dec-31 2017 3-2 JEEFUSDEC20172

The Urban Sanitation Crisis: a Problem of Institutional Breakdown

Abstract Isaac K. O. Boakye et al., 9-18
582 Dec-31 2017 4-2 JMCARDEC20171

Examining Mathematics Teachers’ Use of Modeling Approaches for Solving Word Problems in Secondary Schools of Benshangul Gumuz Region

Abstract Lemi Moges, 1-6
583 Dec-31 2017 4-2 JASRDEC20172


Abstract TJPRC JOURNALS 11-22
584 Dec-31 2017 4-2 JASRDEC20173

Chemical Changes and Nutrient Deterioration in Crop Byproducts due to Insects and Diseases

Abstract Jitendra Sharma et al., 23-38
585 Dec-31 2017 6-2 JCMSDEC20171

An Assessment of Media Message Compatibility to the Contexts of Target Audiences: Apropos Dorgaa- Dorgee’ Entertainment Radio Program Among Audiences in Ghimbi District, Ethiopia

Abstract Dano Endalu Olana 1-12