International Journal of Bio-Technology and Research (IJBTR)
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  • ISSN(Online) : 2249-796X
  • Impact Factor(JCC) : 7.7135
  • NAAS Rating : 3.80
  • IBI Factor : 3.2
Sl. No. Issue Date Vol - Issue Paper Id Title Abstract Author Page No
14296 Jun-30 2023 13-1 TJPRC: IJPNJUN20231

Fast Food Safety Knowledge Amongst Adolescents

Abstract Resheetha Jeslin A. 1-6
14297 Jun-30 2023 13–1 IJBRDDEC20231

The Impact of Seaweed Seed Selection on Growth and Carrageenan Content in Batu Bao Waters, Kupang District

Abstract Marcelien Dj Ratoe Oedjoe et al., 1–8
14298 Jun-30 2023 13–1 IJELJUN20231

Depths of Meaning: Examining Radcliffe’s Udolpho

Abstract Dr. Vikram Krishan Koshal 1–12
14299 Jun-30 2023 13–1 IJCSEITRJUN20231

A Comparative Study on Rule Based Mining with Linear Model in Automation

Abstract Banumathi. P 1–6
14300 Jun-30 2023 13–1 IJESRJUN20231

I Can’t Speak to I Can: Impact of Ell Labs on Speaking Skills Among Rural Area Students

Abstract Dr. Nallala Hima Varshini 1–6
14301 Jun-30 2023 13–1 IJBMRJUN20231

A Study on Customer’s Perception Towards Web Application Firewall

Abstract Dr. Senthilnathan C R et al., 1–6
14302 Jun-30 2023 13–1 IJMPSJUN20231

Effect of Info Graphic Method of Educational Technique (IMET) on Knowledge of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Among Nursing Students

Abstract Dr. Malliga. M et al., 1–6
14303 Jun-30 2023 13–1 IJHRMRJUN20231

Artificial Intelligence in Hr : Review and Future Directors for Research

Abstract Dr. Mahesh Luthia et al., 1–8
14304 Jun-30 2023 13–1 IJLSRJAN20231

An Outline of User Education in The Indian Academic Milieu: A Literature Review

Abstract H Nayana et al., 1–14
14305 Jun-30 2023 13–1 IJAFMRJUN20231

Higher Secondary Students Self-Actualization

Abstract Velmurugan C & Rajakumar M 1–4
14306 Jun-30 2023 13–1 IJMCRJUN20231

A Study on “Comparative Analysis to Predict the Future Population Growth in India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan using Mathematical Models Exponential, Hyperbolic, Logistic Growth and Linear Regression Model".

Abstract Rahima Nusrat Suravi 1–16
14307 Jun-30 2023 13–1 IJIETJUN20231

Real-Time Scheduling and Control For reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems

Abstract Jad Imseitif 1–20
14308 Jun-30 2023 13–1 IJHRJUN20231

The Study of Origin and Migration of the Nocte Tribe of Arunachal Pradesh

Abstract Dr. Khetoan Khetey 1–8
14309 Jun-30 2023 13–1 IJTFTJUN20231

Indian Handlooms andits Reach in Global Fashion

Abstract Jyothirmai Singothu 1–4
14310 Jun-30 2023 13–1 IJCSEIERDJUN20231

Finite Element Method Based Design and Analysis of G+3 Residential Building

Abstract Birendra Kumar Jha et al., 1–8