Journal of Automobile Engineering (JAuE)
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Sl. No. Issue Date Vol - Issue Paper Id Title Abstract Author Page No
661 Jun-30 2023 13–1 JETJUN20236

Primary Survey of Architectural Monuments in Central Asia Using a Terrestrial Laser Scanner

Abstract Mullodjanova Gulnoza Muxiddinovna et al., 43–48
662 Jun-30 2023 13–1 JETJUN20237

Groundwater Control in Mines

Abstract Djaksimuratov Karamatdin Mustapaevich et al., 49–54
663 Jun-30 2023 13–1 JETJUN20238

Methods For Determining The Inscriptions In Braille Texts

Abstract Akhatov Akmal Rustamovich et al., 55–60
664 Jun-30 2023 13–1 JETJUN20239

Quantitative Stability Analysis of Ecological Systems Under the Influence of External Factors

Abstract Odinazoda Safargul Atabek et al., 61–68
665 Jun-30 2023 13–1 JETJUN202310

Results of Research of Ground Compaction in Closed Horizontal Drainage Trench in Laboratory Conditions

Abstract R Vafoev 69–74
666 Jun-30 2023 13–1 JETJUN202311

The Method of Increasing the Performance Indicators of the Asphalt Concrete Mixture with the Addition of Mineral Powder Obtained from Shale Rocks, Taking into Account the Operational Conditions of the Asphalt Concrete Pavement

Abstract Sh. X. Buriyev et al., 75–86
667 Jun-30 2023 13–1 JETJUN202312

Reality of the Results of Angular Measurements with Geodetic Instruments During the Day in the Conditions of Uzbekistan

Abstract Suyunov Abdusali Samadovich et al., 87–94
668 Jun-30 2023 13–1 JETJUN202313

Creating and Improving a Building and Construction Cadastres Database Using Geoinformation Technologies

Abstract Isakov Muyassar 95–100
669 Jun-30 2023 13–1 JETJUN202314

The Influence of the Parameters of the Deep Softener Cutting the Energy Roots on its Performance Indicators

Abstract Komilov Nematillo Mukhammadjonovich et al., 101-106
670 Jun-30 2023 13–1 JETJUN202315

Reliability of Hydro Power Plants

Abstract Yusupov Dilmurod Turdaliyevich et al., 107–112
671 Jun-30 2023 13–1 JETJUN202316

Review Analysis of Structures of Knitted Weaving of Various Technical Purposes

Abstract Turahujayeva Nilufar Nazirjanovna 113–118
672 Jun-30 2023 13–1 JETJUN202317

Requirements for the Parameters Determining the Quality and Immunity of Signal Reception in the Television Distribution Network Dvb-T2 Standard Signal

Abstract Yarmukhamedov Alisher Akbarovich et al., 119–126
673 Jun-30 2023 13–1 JETJUN202318

Experimental Research of a Cooling Device Operating in the Natural Cold of Groundwater

Abstract Tashpulatov Islamjon Adiljon O’g’li et al., 127–138
674 Jun-30 2023 13–1 JETJUN202319

Study of the Melting Process of Sylvinites of Tubegatan Mine

Abstract Khaydarova Munira Davronovna et al., 139–142
675 Jun-30 2023 13–1 JETJUN202320

Rationale for the Relevance and Results of the Creation of a Hybrid Microhes with a Solar Installation in the Fergana Valley

Abstract A. M. Kasimahunova & F. T. Yusupova 143–154