Why Publish and Research with us?

1. Quality

We are always looking for authors and institutes who are interesting to publish their manuscripts, Monographs, National and International conference proceedings.  We ensure that your work reaches the pinnacle of its success. Our goal is to help you realize the potential of your work by providing Editorial, Production, Marketing, and Sales excellence. As a company that truly understands the full meaning of  "to publish," we will work to make your vision a reality. Since we are a privately owned publisher, we have the luxury of devoting more time and effort into cultivating publishing relationships. You'll find working with us is much different than working with an established "big-publisher". Our commitment to service and personal attention ensures that you'll be an active participant in key publishing decisions and that we'll be responsive to your publishing needs.
 2. Strong National and International network & Collaboration

We have exposure to wide range of industries across geographies and worldwide connects through international offices and thereby the recognition.  We work in collaboration with extremely creditable companies, Academic institutions, Reputed publication units, Government bodies and Research firms.  By publishing with us, you join TJPRC's Global Research Community of 160,000 scientists / researchers.


3.  Process strength in Journal Production and Distribution


At Transstellar Journal Publications  and Research Consultancy Private  Limited (TJPRC), we take extra measures to ensure that our product is at par with the International standards.  Professional type setters are engaged to bring about the best of results. Our production staff extends all the assistance to the authors during the production process. The print run of a book depends on a lot of factors like the audience, shelf-life of the journal, etc. An ISSN is allotted to all our publications.

In addition to editorial and production teams that maintain a rigorous schedule and standard of quality, the marketing department is actively involved, developing and implementing innovative sales strategies that meet the rapidly changing demands of its scholars , educational institutions and research agencies. TJPRC gives every author and editor attention of the highest caliber. Maintaining high academic and production standards is our priority. Manuscripts received would be thoroughly assessed for their viability across the globe. We have about 940 peer reviewers all over the globe who have been selected based on their experience, credentials, functional knowledge and reviewing efficiency.  We intend to inform the authors as soon as possible on the acceptance or rejection of their works.

The successful integration of editorial, peer review , production,  and marketing efforts ensures the distinction and strength of our publishing operations and provides an edge over our competitors to reduce the turn around time for publishing. 

Our authors receive an all round publishing service of the highest quality. A Production Editor and a Marketing Manager are assigned to handle each author and are always available for queries and feedback. Our Production Editors emphasize, from receipt of manuscript through to publication, professionalism and attention to detail throughout, and provide one of the most efficient services in academic publishing.

4. Broad visibility through Promotion and Distribution

Known for our marketing expertise, we use a multichannel marketing strategy. With an emphasis on targeted direct-mail campaigns, our marketing team works to make sure that your journals and books will achieve maximum visibility to the appropriate audiences. Since we are one of the leading international publication and distribution companies, you'll have the advantage of international marketing efforts. We execute these through our international offices in USA, UK, Canada, Qatar, Singapore, and India. In addition, we emphasize marketing across disciplines. Along with direct mail efforts, email and telemarketing campaigns add to our successful marketing formula. We believe that the collaborative relationship formed with our authors is the key to successful publishing. As our author, you will have the undivided attention of expert professionals who are committed to disseminating your work to the widest possible audience and giving your voice the greatest possible impact. Researchers, faculties, and students at institutions worldwide enjoy access to articles published in our journals through institutional subscriptions at pricing specifically tailored for the different sizes, types, and geographical locations of their institutions.

5. Healthier mix of academic and Industry experts
Bureaucrats, Industry experts, Functional experts from different disciplines and Academicians represent  the editorial board. Ours is the only publishing and research consulting company in the world to have good mix of Industry experts, Bureaucrats, Functional experts  and Academicians  in our board which will bring an integrated and a 360 degree opinions / directions  suggestions / views on the evaluations and reviews. We have association with experts with real time industry exposure with about 20 - 25 years of experience in managing various projects under disparate disciplines , state-of-the-art international exposure and exceptional academic credentials.
6. High level of commitment
We recognize that authors, institutes, research firms, colleges, universities and librarians are increasingly seeking to reach a global audience and we are in a position to help support meeting that object. We are always looking for authors and educational institutions who are interested in publishing their conference proceedings, starting new Journals/ E-Journals. We ensure that your work reaches the highest success. Since we are a privately owned publisher, we have the luxury of devoting more time and effort into cultivating publishing relationships. You'll find working with us is much different than working with a large "big-publisher". Our commitment to service and personal attention ensures that you'll be an active participant in key publishing decisions and that we'll be responsive to your publishing and research needs.
7. Winning Trilogy

We provide all the inter related services like Consulting, Training, Research and Publications under one umbrella which will give the beneficiaries an edge over others as they can avail all the services or any of the services from us. We have an unblemished track record of publishing, research and consulting services.

8. ISSN Journals with IMPACT FACTORS (JCC)
Our journals have ISSN numbers.  Most ofour journals have HIGH IMPACT FACTORS (JCC). It facilitates our scholars, researchers, scientists, professors, corporates, governmental research agencies, librarians etc., in a more positive way in their research proceedings.
9. Faster Turn Around Time

Many journals take many months, even years to publish research. By the time papers are published, often they become outdated. TJPRC publishes papers in the shortest possible time, without compromising on quality. This will ensure that the latest research is published, allowing readers to gain maximum benefit. We provide feedback instantaneously and furnish details of the outcome within about 5 - 6 working days of submission of your research paper. This enables research scholars to use their time effectively on the actual research rather than on the follow ups.

10. Open Access Philosophy

Under Open Access Philosophy , TJPRC will not charge for the access of its journals. This will ensure that a large percentage of students, scholars, researchers and practitioners will be able to benefit from the research published through TJPRC. Moreover, this process will also enable authors’ papers to receive a higher ranking. A greater number of people being able to access and consequently refer to papers will mean a higher citations and Impact Factor (JCC) for TJPRC's journals.  Following are advantages of Open Access Philosophy:


1. Your research work will be indexed and abstracted in all the Internationally reputed databases and search engines immediately after publication.


2. Open Access increases the number of downloads, page views, citations etc., , increasing the rate of dissemination of your research work manifold.


3. It is inferred from past researches that the papers published under "Open Access Philosophy" are four times more likely to be cited than the papers published under "Non-Open Access Philosophy"