Proofreading services


Proof reading :

We are an award-winning team of professional editors and proofreaders that has revised documents for 550+ clients in 30+ countries. The page proofs are read not only by the author but also by a professional proofreader, who corrects errors and defects in the copyediting stage. Author and the proofreader will return the corrected proof to the production editor, who submits it  to the typesetter for correction. The production editor then reviews the revised proofs to ensure that all corrections have been made. If author’s material is perfect, then it will be sent to the next step.

What will you receive? 

  • An edited document in which spelling errors, grammar errors, and typos have been corrected
  • Changes and suggestions, if any to help improve clarity, flow, structure, and readability
  • Tracked revisions so that you can see and review all the changes that have been made
  • Comments and suggestions, if any that will help you improve the writing and refine your message
  • A short summary of the work that has been done and any major concerns

What types of documents can you use this service for?

  • Web copy, Sales copy
  • Project services / PhD Services
  • Manuscript / Research Article reviews
  • Testing, Proofreading, and Editing Online Website Content, Corporate blog posts, Social media posts
  • Editing and Proofing Online Advertisements
  • Proofreading Resumes for Online Submission
  • Editing Online and Offline Legal and Business Documents
  • Proofreading Medical Websites and Documents
  • Rewriting and Editing Business and Professional Printed Matter
  • Assisting with Grammatical Questions, Usage, and All Components of Good Writing

Proofreading Services: Areas of Concern

  • Typographical Errors
  • Grammatical Mistakes
  • Run-On Sentences
  • Punctuation & Quotation Marks
  • Subject-Verb Disagreements
  • Sentence Fragments and Lengths
  • Spelling
  • Apostrophes
  • Comma Usage and Splices
  • Capitalization
  • Tenses
  • Structure and Theme
  • Organization
  • Audience Appropriateness