Mission, Vision and Core Values

1. Mission Statement :

To position as an international center of excellence in Journal publications and Research consultancy with 100% referenceable transactions.
2. Vision Statement :
Transstellar Journal Publications and Research Consultancy Private Limited (TJPRC) will build its worldwide reputation by helping Research Scholars, Educationists, Private research firms, Government research bodies, Universities and other Educational institutions accomplish their objectives.
3. Core Values :


 We are committed to the advancement of the Technology, Arts, Science, Humanities and Engineering   disciplines for the benefit of society through research, Consulting development, Education and Training services.
We are committed to providing leadership within our industry, and developing leadership qualities in our members.


We are committed to honesty in the practice of our profession as embodied in our Code of Ethics.
We are committed to service to our students, Research scholars, Educational institutions, Governmental bodies and Research agencies.
We are committed to the achievement of technical quality and excellence in our programs, Publications, courses, Training, Consulting and other activities.