Printing systems for screen and digital printing :
Publishing and Printing solutions from Transstellar itself is a class in itself. Transstellar Journal Publications and Research Consultancy Pvt Ltd., (TJPRC) has established itself as a leading supplier of complete solutions for the publishing and printing industry. With our imported flatbed screen printing systems, we cover the entire spectrum of graphic and industrial screen printing, from large-format graphic applications to journal printing to the coating of solar cells.

Our screen printing technology is state of the art and is continuously being further improved based on the market needs. Our publishing and printing skills (right from compact semi-automatic systems to multi-color lines and from the pre-press to the drying process), process orientation and concepts vouch you the highest printing quality and productivity.

We are also one of the leading technology leaders in the digital printing sector. Our imported high-speed inkjet printing system : M-Press Tiger, is currently the fastest and most efficient printing machine of its class on the market. Whether it is screen or digital printing,  Transstellar Journal Publications and Research Consultancy Pvt Ltd., (TJPRC) always provides the optimal solution for your printing needs.
Drying Systems - Jet Force Hot Air Conveyor dryers

We have 5500 sq feet production area which houses all the imported equipments. Our well trained and high skilled employees operate them to accomplish our client’s expected quality in printing. We also have partnership agreements with third party publishers and printers if we are overwhelmed with orders. Our management has plans to expand the present infrastructure facility to 3x fold in the next 2 years time.