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    International Electrical and Electronics Engineering Confeence (IEEEC)

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    International Conference

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      International Electrical and Electronics Engineering Conference IEEEC 2021, is to be organized w.e.f. October 23 to 25, 2021 in the Department of Electrical Engineering, Delhi Technological University, Bawana, Road, Delhi 110042, India. The theme of the conferences is Power Electronic and Intelligent Control of Energy Systems for Tomorrow. The power scenario all over the world has changed dramatically in all its facets. Reliability and good quality power has become the watch word for the utilities. IEEEC2021 will provide mainly an opportunity to discuss various issues in power and energy systems technology with a changed scenario under restructuring for the planning, application of technological advancements, control, operation and maintenance of power system with its components with the object of achieving utmost economy in delivering electricity of good quality and adequately as needed towards fulfillment of aspirations of people of the world. The conference will also focus on new developmental trend such as smart grid, distributed generation, renewable energy sources and their power electronic and intelligent control from the point of view of environmental impact and efficient use of electrical energy through improvement in design and performance of machines, drives, intelligent control of other devices deployed in industries. Area to be covered, but not limited to Track 1 Power Electronic control of Power SystemPower Generation, Transmission and Distribution, Power System planning, Operation, Control and Reliability, Automatic Generation Control, Power Quality, Smart Grids, HVDC, FACTS, MicroGrids, Protection, Energy Efficiency, Distributed Generation, Restructuring and Electricity markets, Power System Stability and Control Multi Level Converters and Inverters, Active and Passive Filters, Renewable Energy Sources Wind power, Solar PV, Tidal, Wave and Hydro power, Hybrid Energy System, Super Capacitors and other storage devices. Track 2 Power Electronic control of Electrical Machines Applications of Power Electronics in Home Appliances, Industry, Aerospace, Biomedical and Automotives, Modeling and Simulation of Power Systems, Topologies, Analysis and Design of Switch Mode Power Supplies, Hard Switching and Soft Switching Converters, Telecommunication Power Supplies, Analysis and Design of Electrical Machines, Traction.Track 3 Intelligent Techniques and ControlFuzzy Logic, Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms, Particle Swarm Optimization, Firefly Algorithm, Biography based Optimization, Bacterial Foraging Algorithms, Ant Colony Optimization, Swarm Intelligence, other Intelligent algorithm and their applications in process and electrical machines and power system control.Track 4 Intelligent Control of Instrumentation and Measurement SystemsClassical Control, Robust Control, Adaptive Control, Stochastic, Control, Nonlinear Control, Optimal Control, Intelligent Control, Digital Signal Processing, FPGA and Microcontrollers, Communication, Smart Sensor, Measurement, OPAMP, Microwave, Antenna Control, Satellite, Wireless Control Other Emerging areas in Electrical, Electronics, and Computer Engineering.
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    Department of Electrical Engineering

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    Bawana Road
    Department of Electrical Engineering, Bawana Road