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    Language and Literature: Transgressing Boundaries”

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    National Conference

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      Concept Note Boundaries can literally be defined as limits, limiting factors, borders or barriers. The term connotes the idea of restriction in both a physical and ideological sense. In social and cultural discourses, the idea of boundaries can be understood as a metaphysical notion to describe various ideas which are the foundations of all forms of discrimination and prejudice based on issues such as patriarchy, race, ethnicity, class, sexuality, religious affiliation and other forms of classification. In literary, cultural and other disciplines located in the humanities, the task of scholars is usually to deconstruct such boundaries. Hence, we engage in scholarly projects which engender notions of rising above boundaries, breaking boundaries, transgressing boundaries and transcending boundaries. In this case, we challenge fixed ideas of cultural, ethnic and national limits, whereby ideas of trans-nationality and globalisation become prominent. Language plays a significant role in social development. Literature reflects the social life and acts as a tool for further awareness and growth. The status of English Language and the luring position of English Literature in the present era is a well known fact. In English language studies, one can talk of boundaries in relation to language learning. Rules of grammar continue to inform how we teach language, especially in a multilingual context. Effective teaching and learning often involve identifying barriers to achieving proficiency in English or any other second language. Similarly, different approaches to teaching or learning English can expose particular types of boundaries in methodologies. Throughout the humanities, social sciences and even natural sciences, the concept of boundaries presents limitless possibilities for scholarly engagement. Considering these circumstances, a platform for the academicians, students and the English loving people seemed to be appropriate for meaningful deliberations and fruitful outcome. Thus came the theme for the international conference: “Language and Literature: Transgressing Boundaries” This conference will focus on various ways how both literal and symbolic meaning of a border and a boundary is represented, contested, undermined or “transgressed” in literatures in English and, possibly, in others arts (film, painting, music and others). The conference will investigate this dynamic subject from the perspectives of literature and language, as well as related disciplines in the humanities and beyond. The theme of “Boundaries” is taken broadly to include as many perspectives as possible, whilst providing a focused environment for discussion. Thus, we hereby invite submissions related, but not limited, to the following sub-themes: Crossing Borders in Gender and Sexuality Migration and Diaspora Rules in English Language Teaching and Learning Deconstructing binaries in linguistic, literary, and cultural studies Transgressing oppositions in journalism and media studies National identities; marginalisation
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