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    1st International Conference on Recent Innovations in Engineering and Technology (ICRIET-2019)

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    International Conference

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      About ICRIETPresent ICRIET is the 1st in the series of conferences organized by the University Center for Research Development UCRD. The conference will be held during July 2019 at Chandigarh University CU, Gharuan. To keep abreast of latest developments in the industry, a platform is setup under the aegis of CU to organize conferences. The purpose of this conference is to bring together the researchers, engineers and academicians to explore, disseminate and strengthen initiatives in new directions under the broad areas of Mechanical, Computer, Civil, Electrical, Electronics, Chemical and Instrumentation. The conference is aimed at enabling sustainable development through cutting edge technologies of Engineering and Technology.About Chandigarh UniversityChandigarh University is a fullfledged university, established by the Punjab State Legislature and is recognized by University Grants Commission under Section 2f with the right to confer degrees as per Section 221 of the UGC Act, 1956. The name of the university is inspired name from The City Beautiful Chandigarh, known as epitome of cultural heritage and urbanization. Chandigarh University offers unique and inspirational academic model designed to match the international standards. Wide spectrum of programs are paired with flexibility, experiential learning and interdisciplinary orientation. CU is involved in a worldclass research, with outstanding results in the latest Research excellence framework. Chandigarh University has a dynamic academician fraternity drawn from top universities nationally and internationally. CU offers most conducive studentfaculty ratio at CU is 191, offering 85 percent student satisfaction. CU provides global perspective to its graduates, to facilitate our students with global learning opportunities, CU has partnered with more than 150 top ranked universities worldwide. Around 61 of our students come from 29 Indian states, 5 Union Territories and 30 Nations, so CU has a cosmopolitan, friendly and inclusive atmosphere. As a studentcentric university, Chandigarh University provides optimal learning experiences and services that lead to student success. We empowers our students to take responsibility for their academic work, social life and career development. CU has stateof the art technology integrated into every area of the university. From inhouse designed and implemented university information management system UIMS to high speed internet access all around campus we are driven by technology. Chandigarh University is a notforprofit university that is underpinned by the ethical professional governance, involving the students and staff in creation of healthy vibrant and sustainable society.About University Center for Research Development UCRDAt Chandigarh University, research is at the core of our approach to teaching and learning, and keeps our courses contemporary, relevant and cutting edge. University Center for Research Development UCRD was established at Chandigarh University, Gharuan in 2012. UCRD has research orientation in various fields of engineering, biology, chemistry as well management. The department has presently 6 Faculty members with Ph.D. degree from reputed institutions and has approximately 100 publications in last 5 year out of which 50 are SCI indexed. Faculty members of the Department are actively involved in research activities and have various Government Funded Projects and publications in journals of International repute like Elsevier, Springer, Taylor Francis Inderscience etc. CONFERENCE TRACKSTheme of Engineering Scientific Revolution through Engineering and Technical ResearchEngineering is a continuing process to develop new technologies or update existing technologies by applying basic principles of science. In daytoday life, people expect the technological products for comfort and industry also put efforts to develop such technological products after research during engineering processes. The research may be either in any of the basic engineering disciplines e.g. Mechanical, Civil, and Electrical or in derived engineering disciplines e.g. Chemical, Computer, Electronics, Mechatronics, Instrumentation Control, Biotechnology etc..The basic purpose of ICRIET2019 particularly engineering is to provide a platform for i researchers to share their continuing research work in form of research paper with academicians, students and respective work domain experts ii academicians to share their conceptualized knowledge and its application by experiments in form of research paper and ii students to take advantage of knowledge and expertise of both research and academic communities so that they can contribute in engineering and technological development further.SubThemes 1. Computer and IT Engineering Computational and Artificial Intelligence Knowledge Management Parallel and Distributed Computing Cyber Security Digital Forensics and Incident Response Internet of Things Data Science and Computational Analytics Image Processing Mobile Computing 2. Civil and Environment Engineering Advanced Concrete Technology Earthquake engineering and Seismic Analysis Soil Dynamics Water Resource Engineering GIS and Remote Sensing Ground Water and Surface Hydrology Environmental Geoinformatics 3. Chemical Engineering BioMaterials Chemistry Energy Materials Nanomaterials Chemistry Porous Material Analytic Chemistry Medical Pharmaceutical Chemistry 4. Electronic and Communication Engineering DSP Processor design for AUDIOVIDEO Applications Embedded System for Electronic Design Automation VLSI and Embedded System Design for Telecommunication Applications Analog and Digital Signal Processing MillimeterWave Integrated Circuits UWB Technology Mobile Cellular TV 4G Wireless Networks and Systems5. Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering Advances in Thermal Sciences Engineering Advances in Materials Science Engineering Advances in Mechanical Engineering Design Development Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Robotics and Mechatronics Automobile pollution and control management 6. Electrical Engineering Renewable Energy Sources And Storages Energy Efficient Systems Soft Computing Techniques in Power Systems Renewable Power Conversion Technologies Advanced VLSI Systems Power Quality Improvement Techniques 7. Instrumentation and Control Engineering Recent Trends in automation and control system Optimization optimal Control Computer vision and artificial intelligenceRecent developments in biomedical and instrumentation application Signals and image processing Control system design and analysis Intelligent and guided control system Agriculture, environment, military and space application
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    Chandigarh University

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    Chandigarh University, Gharuan, Mohali, Punjab