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    All India Seminar on Scope and Opportunity of Small Hydro & Wind Power in NER of India

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    National Conference

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      Abundant and economical energy is the life blood of modern civilizations. Coal, nuclear and hydro are used primarily to make electricity.The bar graph shows oil, coal and natural gas together supplying 85 percent of the world's energy supply. North Eastern Region NER is one of the potential Hydro or Wind Power regions of the country. It is enriched with huge water resources carried by large small river systems and average wind speed 58 km per hrs. Moreover, the surface water resource of the region is near 652.3 billion cubic meters which is 34 of countrys total water wealth. However, due to remote location and inhospitable physical conditions the huge water and wind potential were not fully utilized. The ongoing efforts to harness the vast hydro power potential through series of dams has posed an unprecedented threat to the water, social and ecological security of the region. These hydro power dams involve the setting up of large infrastructural which in turn leads to deforestation and disruption of forest ecosystems and reduction of biodiversity. In contradiction, small hydro or wind projects combine the advantages of sustainable hydro or wind power with decentralized power generation and also it can be integrated into existing irrigation structures flood control, etc. Therefore, it small hydro and wind projects is well suited to the NER India. In order to further boost the development of small hydro or wind power projects in the NER India, there is a need to share the views in the field through organizing a national seminar covering the advances made in planning, technology selection and implementation of small hydro power projects.
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    Conference Hall, Tourist Lodge

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    Tourist Lodge